Invest like these five celebs

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Welcome to the world of A-list celebrity investments. We may not be millionaires (or billionaires) but it sure is fun to live vicariously. And if this article has you wondering how you would spend your riches -- check out our celebrity investing quiz!



If there’s one thing Beyonce understands, it’s the power of equity over cash. Let me explain. 

In 2015, Uber offered Beyoncé $6 million to perform at an event — but she asked for that payment in stocks instead. Guess who turned $6 million into $300 million when Uber IPO’d in 2019?

Beyoncé has the same mindset when it comes to ownership of her work. She extended the success of her 2018 Coachella performance, Homecoming, by selling a behind-the-scenes look at the performance -- along with two more projects -- to Netflix for $60 million dollars.

Beyoncé is also an early investor in multiple companies, including the concert merchandise marketplace SideStep. Impressed by seeing their proof of concept on her Formation tour, she invested $150 million

Seems like Beyoncé is truly the queen bee of thinking ahead and multiplying that payout. By the way, Beyoncé, if you’re looking for a new venture – Team Flahmingo would love to talk!



Jay-Z’s notorious for his diverse investment portfolio, which includes everything from art to real estate. He’s also known for investing in companies he genuinely believes in. I mean, just look at his investment firm, Marcy Venture Partners. According to their website, MVP values sustainability, empowerment, and inclusivity. And that’s not just talk – they have a stellar track record for investing in Black- and women-owned businesses, like Perch Credit and Rihanna’s SavagexFenty. In fact, half of MVP’s ventures are categorized by Crunchbase as “diversity investments,” referring to companies with minority founders and CEOs. 

Another (perhaps less attainable) lesson you can take from Jay-Z: why invest when you can own? Jay-Z negotiated the rights to his master recordings, which are worth $75 million – and he started his own companies, like the entertainment agency Roc Nation and streaming service Tidal. This play seems to have worked out for him. When he sold the majority stake in Tidal and half of his champagne brand in 2021, his net worth increased by 40%, bringing it $1.4 billion. 

But don’t take our word for it. If you’re a fan of his music, you know Jay-Z’s all about sharing the blueprint for his success.


Paris Hilton

Remember that clip of Paris Hilton explaining NFTs to Jimmy Fallon? It turns out that she’s been interested in blockchain technology for longer than we realized. In fact, Paris invested in both Bitcoin and Ethereum back in 2016, before the value of both cryptocurrencies skyrocketed. 

Six years later, and Paris is deep into the world of NFTs. While she’s not the first celebrity to jump on the blockchain bandwagon, she is definitely the most enthusiastic. At this point, the socialite and business woman has absorbed crypto into the Paris Hilton brand, both collecting and creating NFTs. She owns more than 150 of them, and even titled her NFT self-portrait Iconic Crypto Queen – which she sold for $1 million.

But this Crypto Queen’s investing strategy transcends the actual art. In June 2021, Paris participated in the $65 million dollar funding round for Genies, a digital avatar slash NFT company. And in November that same year, she invested in Origyn Foundation, a blockchain marketplace specializing in fine art and luxury collectibles. 

I guess this is what it means to invest like a flock’n heiress.


Serena Williams 

Serena Williams is one of the highest-paid female athletes in the world, with a net worth of about $240 million. We didn’t think she could get any more impressive – until we took a look at her investment track record. Buckle up…

Let’s start with Silicon Valley. Serena Williams has been on SurveyMonkey’s board of directors since 2017 and joined Poshmark’s board in 2019. But get this: Poshmark IPO’d in 2021, bringing the company’s valuation to $7 billion and increasing the worth of Serena’s shares to an estimated $18 million. What the actual flock. 

We’re not done. Serena has described a passion for supporting Black female founders, who are frequently pushed to the sidelines and held to harsher standards for success, compared to male founders. So, she created her own venture capital fund, Serena Ventures, which has a portfolio made up of 60% diversity investments – and has a $33 billion market cap.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Serena understands the power of diversification, with interests that range from early stage tech to sports teams (she owns an estimated .5% of the Miami Dolphins). But it’s also clear that she invests in projects she genuinely cares about – and is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the investing world.


Katy Perry

When you think of prolific investors, does Katy Perry come to mind? It was news for us too. 

First up: the time Katy Perry took a gamble on, well, herself and invested $2 million into financing her 2012 feature Katy Perry: Part of Me. She definitely didn’t regret that decision: in the end, Part of Me took home $32.7 million

However, it looks like the pop singer’s main investment strategy is tied to early-stage ventures. She made headlines in 2020 when she invested in Apeel, a startup taking on food waste in America. In 2021, she invested again in the company’s series E funding round, alongside other top celebrities – doubling Apeel’s valuation to more than $2 billion.

Now, Katy’s moved into blockchain, as an early investor in the streaming platform Audius. Backed by a ton of huge names in the music industry, Audius uses blockchain technology to create new revenue streams for artists. And that’s not all. Katy recently released her own set of NFTs (those are also powered by blockchain technology) with ThetaNetwork. And guess what – she acquired a minority interest in ThetaNetwork itself while she was at it.

Sure, her money moves might not be the easiest to replicate, but there’s something to be said for Katy Perry’s willingness to take calculated risks and stay right on the pulse of what’s new and exciting.

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